4 December 2021
09H00 - 14H00
on Zoom

Personal revelation is a powerful, persuasive antidote to uncertainty and confusion

There is something deeply personal, empowering and rewarding about deciding on purpose what you desire, what you believe, what you value and how you will show up in life.

On the other hand, few things are as disorienting, disempowering, and downright destructive as living life in a constant state of reaction. The rush of our busy lives can create a gulf between our actions, beliefs, hopes and all that truly and deeply matter to us.


When don't have a clear direction, we live in a constant state of reaction, and tend to follow the path of least resistance, even when it leads us away from the people, things and experiences we care about most.
It can require a lot of effort to effect the changes we really seek. Like building muscle, we need to train our intentions to make them resilient and strong.


With planning and deliberate practice, it can be done.
However, when we are without clear intentions, making a new path for ourselves is virtually impossible.

If you are ready to live life on purpose, without apology, join me for a 4 hour workshop to create your Intentional Life Playbook.


In this workshop, you will: 

Identify what is truly important to you when you step away from your concerns about other people's judgments of you 


See the Key blocks holding you back and learn how to overcome them


Learn my 7 Step Intention setting process for becoming connected to your hopes and dreams for yourself.
I will show you how to return to this process repeatedly, annually, quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily.  This is your treasure. This is how you activate the interface between your current self and the self who will be the creator, and also the steward of all that you create

Establish your Standards of Integrity with which to remain true to you


Know how to take the stress out of decision making and Learn how to deal with confusion as it arises


Learn 2 Mindfulness activities that will help you to settle your anxiety as it arises


If you are feeling like there has to be a different way, that you have something you want to be doing, but you don't know what it might be and you are dreading the feeling of more time passing you by, not knowing what it is or how to bring it to life, join me for this workshop. In a few hours and with a few exercises, you will move out of your blinds spots about what you want to create in, and with your life, as well as how to get out of your own way and how to make it happen.

When you sign up for this workshop you will receive:


  • A beautiful workbook to support you during the workshop and again after the workshop when you are engineering your progress day-by-day

  • A gorgeous, calming meditation to calm your harried mind

  • A brilliant meditation to activate your inspired self and motivate you to action

  • 1 One-hour Group session to support you through the Mindset Makeover needed to accomplish your intentions and create your Vision

  • 1 One-hour Group session to guide your implementation and integration practices and rituals that ensure that you to the action that makes your future history a slam dunk.

Here is something TOTES CRAZEEEEEEE!!!!!
As in Holy Moly NUTS!
As in 'What are you thinking Safs?

I believe that our dreams and our hopes guide us to creating a better world by nudging us toward our Higher Selves. We've had a few tough years. The pandemic created levels of uncertainty that made life almost impossible to navigate for many of us.


So, we stagnated.


We went into a wait and see holding pattern. Busy, but not moving forward. Anxiously creative, and distracted, worried about the next day and the day after that. 


Social distancing isolated us in a way that was unnerving for many and we've been brought to volumes of trauma that is quite unprecedented. 


No matter how 'normal' we tried to be, life as we knew it was unhinged. And the pandemic was not all we had to process. Life's normal worries, pains, challenges and losses were still there, sometimes compounded by the pandemic and its rolling lockdowns.


I know that I came undone. Thankfully I had the tools, resources and community to help me make my way back to equilibrium at first and then to reaching for my dreams and my vision with unprecedented vigour. 

I want that for you too!

So, If you going me for this workshop and sign-up by 7 November, I will give you access to my Self-Study programme, Mind-Shift, valued at R 7 500,


Mind Shift is a beautiful toolbox that will guide you to your infinite possibilities and it will support you with beautifully explained Mindset Tools, Workbooks, Meditations, Affirmations and Community to help you make your Intentions your Reality.